Our Story

Husband and wife team Lauren and Brandon Alpert started Yes Cocktail Co. in 2015. As working actor/singers and directors, they spent three years traveling the world working with youth in arts programs. When they weren't performing or staging musicals, they made it a mission (as part of their travel) to enjoy the world's best bars and cocktails . When they returned from their epic journey, they were disappointed to find that it was harder than expected to make gourmet cocktails in the comfort of their home. Most mixers and bar syrups they discovered were full of artificial ingredients, preservatives and even high fructose corn syrup! Inspired by their travels and the abundant harvest of their new home (California's Central Coast) they decided to make their own incredible recipes, utilizing locally sourced, entirely natural ingredients. This led to the creation of Yes Cocktail Co, an all natural cocktail mixer company. The name YES comes from saying "Yes" -which is the first rule of improvisational acting. Aside from being a throwback to their performing arts background, it is also their life philosophy. By saying yes to new ideas, experiences, locations, (or even cocktails) Lauren and Brandon believe you can live a joyful, delicious life!
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