To the G&T, and Beyond!

When most folks think tonic, it is usually tonic water that comes to mind. The distinct flavor associated with tonic water can bring out the best in gin and compliment your favorite bitters. That very particular taste comes from the compound quinine found in the bark of the cinchona tree native to Peru. Extracts made from this bark were found to be an effective treatment for malaria in the 1630’s, and its use spread around the globe! In tropical places where the mosquitos that could spread malaria were more common, quinine powder became a common defense. In the 19th century, British imperialists in India were looking for a way to make the bitter medicine more palatable and mixed the quinine powder with sugar and soda, creating what we now recognize as tonic water! Since then, cinchona bark has found a home in all sorts of drinks both boozy and alcohol-free, that little bit of sweetness turning the potent medicine into a uniquely delicious addition to your bar.

That said, tonic water has its drawbacks when it comes to cocktails. Most tonic water available in your average grocery store is packed with high fructose corn syrup and gets its taste from a slurry of different added flavorings that merely imitate real cinchona bark. There is enough quinine in there to make the bottle glow under UV light (a fun trick of the compound), but that is about it!

At Yes Cocktail Co. we wanted a way to harness everything we loved about tonic while still staying true to our company values; our products would substitute corn syrup and artificial flavorings for quality, natural ingredients like real cinchona bark and pure cane sugar. We knew the potential of tonic, and sought to highlight each element of its complex flavor.

So, we created the World Of Tonic Kit. Inside, we paired cinchona bark with five different flavor profiles, each complimenting its distinct bitterness with a fusion of fresh botanicals, fruit, and herbs. Using tonic syrup instead of water allows us to fully explore the potential uses of tonic, while being as adventurous with our flavors as a “world” of tonic deserves.

Through the Alpine, Nordic, Silk Road, and Superbloom tonic syrups, as well as the more traditional California Citrus Tonic syrup, you can introduce flavors from around the globe to your G&Ts and take them to a whole new level.

The perfect gin & tonic with any Yes Cocktail Co. tonic syrup is simple! Stirring 2 oz gin with 0.5 oz tonic syrup and topping off with carbonated water completes your cocktail.

About The Syrups

In the Alpine Tonic Syrup, light notes of allspice and cardamom begin a wave of citrus peel flavor, the grapefruit carrying you into a crisp finish of douglas fir. This syrup will give your G&T a wintery kick, though Yes Cocktail Co. Team Member Bella recommends it with vodka too — try it with fresh citrus juice and cranberries for a festive, holiday treat!

The Nordic Tonic Syrup takes you on a more savory journey, with dill and caraway creating a bold, herbaceous compliment to the cinchona bark. Beyond a unique G&T, this blend also makes a wonderful addition to fresh, lighter drinks where you might otherwise use your favorite bitters; Bella likes the Nordic syrup in drinks with cucumber or mint, for example!

In the Silk Road Tonic Syrup, spicy meets citrus to hold up a delicate and decadent rose flavor to give any G&T warmth and complexity. The traditional combination of cardamom and rose also makes this syrup an interesting combination with bourbon and bitters in a unique Silk Road Old Fashioned, if you are looking to mix things up!

The scent of elderflower and orange blossom emanate from our Superbloom Tonic Syrup as soon as you crack open the bottle. A surprising tartness at the front of your tongue will take that floral element and run with it, making your G&T lighter and more refreshing. Bella enjoys this product in a Tonic Spritz, in which the syrup, champagne, club soda, and a bit of vodka get together, have a party, and somehow taste exactly like springtime!

For those of you that prefer the classics — or at least like to have an old, faithful backup available days when you need a break from the craziness of the day — the California Citrus Tonic Syrup is a delicious choice. The sweetness of orange takes more of a forefront in this syrup than the others in this kit, but lemongrass helps bridge the bitterness with the citrus. For those of you just beginning your experimenting with tonic, this syrup is a wonderful place to start!