Hurricane Kit


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Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Enjoy this signature cocktail of New Orleans at home with our Hurricane cocktail Kit. This kit includes everything you'll need to make a top notch Hurricane except the rum!


1 oz Yes Cocktail Co. Passion Fruit Syrup

Juice of one Lemon

2 oz Dark Rum (Preferably Jamaican, I.E. Appleton Estate)

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with a plentiful amount of crushed ice. Shake vigorously, and pour into a rocks, tiki or hurricane glass. Garnish with the included lemon wheel, and cocktail umbrella- (turned inside out, like in a hurricane)


Passion Fruit Syrup
Dehydrated Lemon Garnish
One Lemon
Cocktail Umbrella

History of The Hurricane:

In the early 1940s, the owners of Pat O'Brien's bar in the New Orleans French Quarter were required by their distributor to purchase cases of rum (a poor man's spirit in that era) in order to obtain whiskey. In order to move the rum, head bartender Louis Culligan came up with a simple, but delightful cocktail using passion fruit syrup.

The drink was an instant smash. But over time, the original recipe was lost. Today Pat O'Brien's is still one of the most popular bars in New Orleans , and the Hurricane remains legendary. However, the drink (and mix) you can purchase there today (while fun) is an artificially flavored and colored sugar bomb.

The original hurricane is made by mixing rum, citrus and passion fruit syrup. For the rum, dark Jamaican is preferable, but most rums will work just fine. We've included here a fresh lemon, as well as our dehydrated lemon garnishes alongside our one of a kind passion fruit syrup (and of course a cocktail umbrella!)

Here at Yes Cocktail Co, New Orleans holds a very special place in our heart! We actually got married in the French Quarter in 2017, and we truly believe that the food, drink, music and general atmosphere make it a place unlike anywhere else in the world. We hope that this delicious cocktail can capture some of that infectious Big Easy spirit.

-Lauren and Brandon