Tonic Gift Set


Featuring 5 different handcrafted tonic syrups (all made with 100 percent real cinchona bark derived quinine) each represents a different geographic location dear to us. These syrups are distinctly delicious, and an unmissable addition to the home bar. Here’s a short description of what’s included: 

California Citrus Tonic Syrup    Our classic for a reason, now more flavorful than ever. Featuring four different kinds of California Citrus and delightful notes of lemongrass, your everyday gin and tonic just had a glow up.

Silk Road Tonic Syrup    The Silk Road once connected continents through trade, and we invite you to take a flavorful journey inspired by this historic path. Notes of cardamom and rose lend delicate complexity to this one of a kind elixir.

Alpine Tonic Syrup     The perfect way to celebrate a great day out on the slopes, this syrup blends delicate citrus and spice with aromatic notes of pine, sure to keep you warm as a northern winter surges outside your chalet.

Superbloom Tonic Syrup    A tasty tribute to the Central Coast’s annual bloom of wildflowers, we created something to evoke the essence of this California tradition. Orange blossom and elderflower combine for an intoxicatingly floral yet approachable combination.

Nordic Tonic Syrup    A warm summer’s eve in Copenhagen strolling through the illuminated gardens of Tivoli inspired this syrup, full of Scandinavian vitality and unique flavor. Dill and caraway combine in a savory dance with a firm bitter backbone sure to make you come back for more.