No. 4 Ginger Citrus Cocktail Mixer


Cold pressed Ginger Root combines with fresh squeezed lime juice for this zesty delight.

Great with:

Vodka, Dark Rum, Bourbon or Tequila


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Product Description

This ginger citrus mixer makes the perfect mule with your favorite spirit and a splash of carbonated water. Use it to add a zesty ginger kick to any of your favorite drinks or recipes. I’s a healthy doe of nostalgia; like reconnecting with a dear friend at your old stomping grounds. It’s as reliable as your denim jacket and as trusty as your favorite copper mug. 

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Simple Cocktail Ratio: Combine 1 oz mixer with 1-3 oz spirit. Combine ingredients a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Pour into your favorite glass. If desired, top up with club soda and/or add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.

Other Uses: Make a great ginger beer by simply adding 1 oz mixer to every 6 oz club soda or carbonated water, add a splash to hot or iced tea.


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