Jimenador’s Old Fashioned

2 oz Tequila
1 oz Tonic Syrup (California Citrus, Silk Road, or Superbloom)

Stir to combine the tequila and syrup, and add ice and water to taste.

With the…
– California Citrus Tonic Syrup: More of the traditional orange flavor you may expect in an old fashioned, but a bit nippier. Add a splash of lime for an extra kick,
– Silk Road Tonic Syrup: A sweet and spicy old fashioned, that both balances and highlights your tequila.
– Superbloom Tonic Syrup: A lighter, peppier version. Floral notes pair well with the agave to make a slightly more tart old fashioned.

All will bring the citrus and bitter flavors you would expect from a good OF!


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September 18, 2020